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Who Should Read This Book?

New Entrepreneurs

Established Business Owners


9 Practical Tips To Creating A Presence That Positions You To Make More Money

Have You Ever Heard?

  • "I didn't know that you did that"
  • "I can get that cheaper from somewhere else"
  • "Dag, I just bought one of those last week!"
  • "I don't think that you can solve my problem"
These statements are a result of a lack of visibility, and poor positioning in the marketplace!
The Visibility Playbook is for new or aspiring entrepreneurs and small businesses that want to increases their exposure and be in a position to make more money!

Learn how to raise your online profile and become HIGHLY VISIBLE & UNFORGETTABLE.

Walk away with the exact steps necessary to create content that puts you in a magnetic position in the marketplace, attracting clients both National and Local.

You will dominate and become the recognized authority in your niche', thus positioning you to make more money!

What is Visibility, and Why it is Important
for Small Businesses

How to Generate Leads Thru Increased Visibility

That Sales are King, and Visibility is Queen!

How to Build A Sales Team for FREE! Plus So much more...
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